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John Haesemeyer (HAZE-mire) is a San Francisco based performing artist who fuses folk and pop genres, emphasizing intimate vocals, acoustic guitar, orchestral instruments, and the rhythm section of a rock band.


Sounds like:  Ryan Adams, Neil Young, Mumford & Sons, Springsteen, Dan Wilson


Haesemeyer released his first studio record in January 2013  (Come Along Quickly, Hyde Street Studios).  In September 2014, Haesemeyer released his second record (Three Mirrors).  He is currently performing in California and working on the music video single ("Two of Me") for the new record.


Haesemeyer's band are classically trained, versatile musicians:

  • Nahuel Brozini (Argentina) - electric guitar, classical guitar

  • Sungbin Choi (South Korea) - cello

  • Thin Dang (Vietnam) - electric and acoustic bass

  • Brian Wolfe (Florida) - drums, piano, saxophone

  • Kate Carey (California) - back-up vocals


Read Haesemeyer's September interview

Sophomore Album, Three Mirrors

John Haesemeyer's newly released sophomore record, Three Mirrors, featuring collaborations with:


  • Levi Seacer, Jr. (formerly of Prince) - arranges the gospel choir section for folk-soul song, "Think I'm Going Down".

  • Leah Tysse (winner of Billboard's best R&B Song, 2007) - sings on pop country duet, "Vancouver's Shore".

  • Nahuel Bronzini (acclaimed Argentinian producer) -- provides complex strings arrangements on folk-rock anthem, "Three Mirrors".


Read the Press Release

Singles From Three Mirrors

"Two of Me" 

"Three Mirrors"

"Think I'm Going Down"

Message From John


Growing up in the 80s and 90s, I found sanctuary in the music of the singer-songwriters who came before me.  Their music gave me a way to reflect on all that was happening around me:  my parents’ alcoholism and divorce, the closets I found myself in, and the ordinary changes of adolescence.  To this day, even as I have matured, music continues to help me stay centered and connected with my feelings.


In making music, my goal is to create a similar experience for my listeners - exploring the themes of loss, love, and hope that are common to the human condition.  Though I explore a variety of subjects in my music, I find these three themes never vary.


Please feel free to send me a message via email, Facebook, or Twitter.   Hearing from listeners keeps me motivated and inspired!



April 3, 2013 - The Hotel Utah (SF)

May 9, 2013 - The Lost Church (SF)

May 13, 2013 - The Bazaar (SF)

July 26, 2013 - Sing out of Darkness Concert (Bazaar, SF)

August 2, 2013 - Brainwash (SF)

August 10, 2013 - Sweetwater (Mill Valley, CA)

August 13, 2013 - El Rio (SF)

September 7, 2013 - Live in the Castro! Concert (SF)

September 29, 2013 - Forest Hill Concert Series (SF)

​October 12, 2013 - Red Devil Lounge (SF)

November 13, 2013 - Rouge Nightclub (SF) 

November 16, 2013 - Plough and Stars (SF)

January 11, 2014 - Mutiny Radio Interview and Performance (SF)

May 17, 2014 - Red Poppy Art House

September 20, 2014, 6:30 p.m. -  Coast Recorders (SF).   "Live at Coast!" Concert Series.  Live-recorded Studio Show.  



Haesemeyer will release a his "Live at Coast" concert performance in early 2016.  See photos of the performance HERE

Haesemeyer's next performance will be in coordinated with the 2017 release of of his new 5-song EP, currently in production


Blog  Reviews

"Deep, both musically and lyrically."  Clearly inspired by "the great singer-songwriters of the past:  Neil Young, Springsteen, Dylan."​

Music Emissions

"Haesemeyer initiated his career in 2012 and yet it sounds like he has never been doing anything else​... His work is a gift to the music world."  -  Soundscape Magazine

"Striking in its variety yet unified by its folk-singer roots" --  The Music News Site

"With long shadows and the first hint of a winter chill in the air, I simply sat back, relaxed and enjoyed Three Mirrors.."    Stand out tracks include the first single “Two of Me” and the blues anthem “Think I’m Going Down” --  Addicted to Media

"I'm seriously digging this! [Three Mirrors]"  --  Ear to the Ground

"'Love, Why So Far Away' is perfect... a great multi genre song that is easy to relate to no matter where you are in life.Coxillah

"Listen to 'Colors in Between,' and you will get a real feel for the honest emotion with which Haesemeyer writes.​" -  Music Notez Magazine

"When Haesemeyer sings, it's easy to feel connected to his music and see a bit of ourselves in his songs." - Drew Forsberg, The Persian Leaps


"Amazing album... Songs are smart without being clever - artistically interesting and complex" - Andrea Sachs

"Soulful...  I sink right into it." - Michael deLeon, SFFR

Feature - "Love, Why So Far Away":  MTS Management


In-depth interview in:  PopVulture Entertainment


John's Music Videos



Photo Collection



Similar to:  Ryan Adams, Neil Young, Mumford & Sons, Springsteen, Dan Wilson

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